About Us

NIVC Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization providing employment training and support to people with disabilities.

North Iowa Vocational Center, dba NIVC Services, Inc.


Our Mission:

Our talented teams of people at NIVC Services Inc. empower individuals with disabilities to achieve competitive employment through a strong commitment to business and training opportunities.



  • Encourage
  • Motivate
  • Prepare
  • Opportunity
  • Work
  • Equality
  • Respect
  • Self-sufficiency

Accreditations & Memberships

NIVC Services, Inc. demonstrates its commitment to quality management and services through CARF Accreditation in:

  • Employment Services Coordination
  • Employment Transition Services
  • Employee Development Services
  • Community Employment Services
  • Community Integration Services

NIVC Services, Inc. is a partner agency in the United Way of North Central Iowa.
NIVC Services, Inc. is a member of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Our Leadership

sherry-beckerExecutive Director: Sherry O. Becker

Welcome to the NIVC Services website!  As a job seeker, family member, employer, business owner, friend or community member we are glad you have chosen to learn more about us.  We are grateful for your interest and hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

At NIVC we believe it’s important for all Iowans to contribute to their self-support to the greatest extent possible. And it’s not just about the paycheck. Work gives life meaning, from having a purpose for getting up each morning, to the sense of accomplishment and friendships that support us in good times and bad. It goes beyond the individual. A community benefits financially and socially when all its citizens are sharing their talents and skills.

NIVC Services’ slogan is helping people work, but we can’t make it happen without your support.  Please take a moment to consider how you can help our community embrace diversity and be the best it can be!  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

America and Iowa work best when everybody works!


Board of Directors:

  • Rolf Aronsen
  • Casey Callanan
  • Merlin Bartz
  • Cory Eberling
  • Diane Fischels
  • Sis Greiman
  • Craig Miller
  • Shannon Paulus
  • Shelly Schmit
  • Tim Schupick
  • Roy Schwickerath
  • Mike Stensrud
  • Ed Wineinger
  • Bruce Wuttke


Since 1969, NIVC Services, Inc. has been “Helping People Work.” Four unique business locations provide employment training for people with disabilities. NIVC helps local businesses find reliable employees and provides support for the people we serve working in our communities.

At NIVC Services, we know that when people work, they earn a sense of self-worth as well as a paycheck.

Our training and employment services help over 400 people with disabilities earn nearly $1.5 million dollars in wages each year. These earnings benefit our clients, their families, and local businesses.

When everybody works, everybody wins.

Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Mike Willms, HR Manager at 641-423-3301 or email: mikew@nivcservices.org

Contact Us

AffordablesAffordables@nivcservices.org – 641-423-7071

Assembly: Assembly@nivcservices.org – 641-423-3301

Administration: Sherry@nivcservices.org – 641-423-3301

JobLink Employment ServicesKelly@nivcservices.org – 641-422-2717

Manufacturing contracts: Manufacturing@nivcservices.org – 641-423-3301

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